(credit: 9 Types of Intelligence — Howard Gardner — Practical Psychology (practicalpie.com) )

It’s so encouraging to comprehend all of the different ways we can contribute to the world. Imagine if were all the typical kind of genius, the kind you are picturing when I say genius.

First of all, we would be missing those fun souls who bring out our laughs and lighten us up. Those with interpersonal genius. Those whom we gravitate to when we need a shoulder, or advice. We enjoy them for the connection they bring. We know we are seen and cared for and that we’re not alone.

We would listen to silence while we work instead of music. We need musical genius to bring an important art form to our lives. Imagine life without music.

What about leadership? That intrapersonal skill defines our world. People who are skilled at leadership make a big difference in our lives. They lead us when things are difficult, they lead us at work; and they lead our governments.

When we take a break to move our body we appreciate our fitness instructors, those who have kinesthetic genius and don’t mind “moving for a living”. Imagine.

When we focus on our spiritual lives, or we experience pain and loss and need support, those with existential genius step in for us. You might hear them speak, read a word they’ve written, or meet with them for one-on-one support.

And linguistic genius! Oh the writers of the world. They entertain us. We would have nothing to read or watch without them.

The naturalistic geniuses create the beauty we see around us and take care of the natural beauty. They grow food. We need them to survive and thrive.

The buildings we live in and which define our skylines were envisioned and created by those with spatial and visual genius. Artists fall here too! Wow, the world without statues, paintings, illustrations, and decorations would be stark at best.

Logical genius is incredibly important, and it’s likely the one you thought of when you heard the word “genius”. We have amazing technology, medical systems, and progress in our lives because of this type of genius. I’ve worked with many people who have this type of genius, and it’s amazing and inspiring.

I was wondering, what kind of genius am I? I think intrapersonal and interpersonal resonate most with me. I have always loved people, leading them, working with them, and connecting.

What’s your genius? The world wants to know!